Whether for EU or UK representative, the next steps await you when you decide to use our service for your data privacy.

1.Status quo

We discuss the state of your GDPR compliance and form our services in step with your internal business processes. Our legal consultants severally answer all of your queries.

2.Creating contact details

We originated your account and customize contact details. This act includes an email and a EU communication address for secure receipt of official documents and client requests within the EU.

3.Privacy Guidance

We guide you through the required privacy policy amendments in compliance with the necessities for GDPR transparency, EU-US Privacy defend applications and ICO registrations.

4.templates for you

We provide templates and support you with drafting the mandatory compliance documents underneath Article 30 GDPR. Just in case of official investigations, we have a tendency to closely work with you to mitigate legal risks.

We review and forward to you any incoming inquiries like SARs and official letters. Our support is usually there for you if any GDPR compliance or legal proceeding issue arises.

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